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Staying Healthy with Dr. Aieta

Dr. Aieta writes a health column in the Western Mass Sports Journal.
Past articles are available (by year published) below.

If there is a specific topic that you would like Dr. Aieta to address in an upcoming article, you can e-mail him at

Seasonal Allergies – Natural allergy treatments are reviewed
(April 2009) pdf

Lyme Disease – Naturopathic treatment options (March 2009) pdf

Ear Infections – Prevention and natural treatments (Feb 2009) pdf

The Dangers of the Flu Vaccine, Drug side effects and ADD/ADHD
(late 2008 articles)

The Flu Vaccine – The dangerous truth (Dec 2008) pdf

Meds may Hurt – Drug side effects (Nov 2008) pdf

ADD and ADHD – Natural treatments for Attention Deficit Disorder
[ADD] and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder [ADHD]
(Oct 2008) pdf

Help with Vitamins – Why we need them (Sept 2008) pdf

Slimming Down – Natural weight loss tips (June 2008) pdf

Soy Solution – The problems with soy (May 2008) pdf

Ears Ringing – Natural treatments for tinnitus (Apr 2008) pdf

Stone Sour – Natural treatments for gallstones (Mar 2008) pdf

Healthy Help – Preventing and treating recurrent colds and infections
(Feb 2008) pdf

Gout Treatment – Natural options for treating gout (Jan 2008) pdf

To Statin or Not to Statin – The truth about statin drugs and preventing cardiovascular disease (Dec 2007) pdf

Fishy Fixes – The health benefits of fish oil supplementation
(Nov 2007) pdf

Remember when..? – Natural treatments for improving memory
(Oct 2007) pdf

Kidney Stones – Naturopathic prevention of kidney stones
(Sept 2007) pdf

Shaking the Blues – Natural treatments for depression
(Jul/Aug 2007) pdf

Before you Block – The dangers of acid blocking drugs
(Jun 2007) pdf

Weight and Energy – Nutritional tips to improve weight loss and
improve energy (May 2007) pdf

Seeing Results – Nutrients that improve vision are reviewed
(April 2007) pdf

Vitamin D and Flu Prevention – Vitamin D deficiency increases
susceptibility to influenza (Mar 2007) pdf

Unleaded and Fit – Lead toxicity can cause elevations in cholesterol
(Feb 2007) pdf

From Arthritis to Acne – Natural treatments for arthritis and acne are
discussed (Jan 2007) pdf

Controlling Asthma – Treating asthma naturally (Jan 2007) pdf

Treating Migraines – Preventing and Treating migraines
(Dec 2006) pdf

No Tolerance – Food intolerances (Nov 2006) pdf

Reversing Osteoporosis – Natural treatments for reversing osteoporosis (Oct 2006) pdf

From Carpal Tunnel to Poison Ivy – Naturopathic treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome and poison ivy are reviewed (Jul 2006) pdf

Naturopathic Allergy Approach – Dr. Aieta discusses his treatment of seasonal allergies (Jun 2006) pdf

Fasting and Canker Sores – Dr. Aieta discusses his views on fasting and treatments for canker sores (May 2006) pdf

Treating Insomnia Naturally – Natural treatment to improve sleep
(Apr 2006) pdf

Improving Digestion and Absorption – The importance of good digestion and maintain optimal health (Mar 2006) pdf

The Importance of Iodine – The health dangers associated with
iodine deficiency (Feb 2006) pdf

Low-Carb Diets – Dr. Aieta reviews the benefits of eating a low carbohydrate diet (Jan 2006) pdf

A Natural take on the Flu Season – Preventing and treating the flu, naturally (Dec 2005) pdf

Beating the Winter Blues, Naturally – Natural treatments for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) (Nov 2005) pdf

From Cold Sores to Anemia – Dr. Aieta reviews his treatments for cold sores and anemia (Oct 2005) pdf

Appreciating Vitamin D – A review of all the benefits of this very important nutrient on health (Sept 2005) pdf

Preventing Cardiovascular Disease {part 2 of 2} – Preventing cardiovascular disease, more than just lowering cholesterol
(Aug 2005) pdf

Preventing Cardiovascular Disease {part 1 of 2} – Preventing cardiovascular disease, more than just lowering cholesterol
(Jul 2005) pdf

Why am I so Tired? – Dr. Aieta discusses how low adrenal function can lead to fatigue (June 2005) pdf

Dr. Aieta’s Patient Spotlight – A patient case study on the dangers of aspartame [artificial sweetener] (May 2005) pdf

Naturally Improving Athletic Performance – The most common supplements for improving athletic performance are discussed
(Apr 2005) pdf

From Antibiotics to Knee Pain – Alternatives to antibiotics and treatments for knee pains in children are discussed
(Mar 2005) pdf

Dr. Aieta is a board certified and licensed Naturopathic Physician with a private practice in West Hartford, Connecticut. He specializes in the treatment of disease, utilizing natural therapies such as acupuncture, homeopathy, spinal manipulation, clinical nutrition, and herbal medicine.

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